Diamond wedding & engagement rings in Sydney

Tips for selecting the right Engagement Ring

When you are ready to take the next big step in the relationship and planning to get engaged, it’s time to look at engagement rings. The ring is a symbol and an expression of your love and the promise of a lifetime together. Buying an engagement ring should not be a spur of the moment decision. It is a special experience that allows you to design to your desire and to have the perfect ring hand crafted just for you.   When you will walk into the jewellery store, you will be aske.. Read more

Choose a Wedding Ring That Compliments Your Engagement Ring

In this era, where engagement rings come in several colours and styles, one wedding ring to suit all is almost impossible now. The good news is, experienced jewellers like Oroginale Jewellery can design a wedding ring that will suit perfectly with your engagement ring no matter how classic and unique it is.For some types of engagement rings, you can find an obvious match and the choice is effortless but for some styles with bold and unique designs, a bit more effort and consideration will be req.. Read more

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