Choose a Wedding Ring That Compliments Your Engagement Ring

Posted By Antonio on Sunday 05th August 2018

In this era, where engagement rings come in several colours and styles, one wedding ring to suit all is almost impossible now. The good news is, experienced jewellers like Oroginale Jewellery can design a wedding ring that will suit perfectly with your engagement ring no matter how classic and unique it is.

For some types of engagement rings, you can find an obvious match and the choice is effortless but for some styles with bold and unique designs, a bit more effort and consideration will be required to search that perfect wedding ring that will create the correct balance with your engagement ring.

When choosing a wedding ring to compliment your engagement ring, the most important thing to consider is the kind of fit you want. Most of the engagement rings usually have a raised setting that allows a straight wedding ring to sit alongside the band of the engagement ring. Some elaborate designs having protruding settings requiring specially designed fitted rings.


Once the fit is sorted, you can move onto deciding on the overall design of your ring. You may option for a perfect match selecting the same metal as of your engagement ring, diamond shape and setting style other may go for a ring providing an element of contrast to enhance the appearance of your engagement ring.

A few of the most popular style include:

Mixing the metals

Mixing two metals is in fashion these days. If the metal colour of your engagement ring is rose, you may consider complimenting it with a white gold wedding ring which will be an icing on the cake.

Wedding Ring Stacks

The stacked wedding ring has been immensely popular recently. Many brides are loving the idea of having two wedding rings around their engagement ring often using two contrasting designs to complement their engagement ring.

Old vs New

If you have been lucky enough to inherit your mother's engagement ring, it is best to find a matching vintage wedding ring to go with it. If you have got the latest style of modern engagement ring, then it is best to go for a contemporary style wedding ring.

Weddings are special and so are the wedding rings. Take out the time to fetch the best wedding ring to remember the commitment, love and care for your partner whenever you look at it. For expert advice, get in touch with our experts at Oroginale Jewellery. We are a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia. We are based in Birkenhead Shopping Centre.

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