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Selecting The Perfect Diamond Carat Size

The Very first question that comes in mind when looking for diamonds is "what carat size is the best?" There is no denial that every diamond is unique and it can be challenging for a person to differentiate between two diamonds of almost identical size. Before investing in a diamond, you need to know some basics relating to the size of the diamond. "Carat" is one of the four C's that is very important to consider in order to know the value of a diamond. To educate our customers and help the.. Read more

Know About the Most Common Styles of the Diamond Wedding Rings

 Gone are the days when the brides preferred to wear plain wedding bands. Nowadays, they are curious about making their day more auspicious and special. And they do so by investing on the stunning and luxury-featuring diamond wedding rings. The magnificent allure of the diamonds lets them have the feel of wearing something special they would love to flaunt.                      &nbs.. Read more

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