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Choose a Wedding Ring That Compliments Your Engagement Ring

In this era, where engagement rings come in several colours and styles, one wedding ring to suit all is almost impossible now. The good news is, experienced jewellers like Oroginale Jewellery can design a wedding ring that will suit perfectly with your engagement ring no matter how classic and unique it is.For some types of engagement rings, you can find an obvious match and the choice is effortless but for some styles with bold and unique designs, a bit more effort and consideration will be req.. Read more

Get your 'timeless' pieces of adornment from expert crafters

There has been a substantial switch in men's jewellery trends in the past decade. Ritual of simply buying a plain wedding band just days before the big day is long gone. Wedding ring styles for men have seen a trend in up gradation in classics with various colours and textures. However, this doesn’t end here.Here’s what you can possibly do to seal the deal on your big day….                                   .. Read more

A Guide To Ring Resizing

There could be numerous reasons why you would want to resize your ring. Perhaps you have been the lucky one to inherit you grandma's ring or you received the surprise of the lifetime from your partner by receiving that beautiful diamond you had been keeping an eye on but unfortunately the sizing is just not correct. Whatever the reason be, our highly skilled crafters at Oroginale Jewellery possess the skills and tools to resize your ring without compromising its integrity.How to resize.. Read more

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